Sunday, July 7, 2019

Why You Need A Portable Generator In The Home

When the power goes out at home, it can be quite devastating, especially if you had a work assignment due the next day and your computer cannot work. The one thing that can save you is getting a portable generator. They can power the laptop, refrigerator, lights, and other items in the house that you will need. They are affordable, easy to manage, and will get your life back on track in a short time. So, what are some of the benefits of having a portable generator in the home? Read below to find out.

They Are Affordable.

As opposed to standby generators, portable ones are quite affordable. One will not have to dig deep into their pockets as with the standby ones. One will need less money upfront, around 500 to 2000 dollars as opposed to standby generators that require up to 4000 dollars upfront. The installation and operational costs are also minimal.

They Are Simple To Operate.

Portable generators are easy to operate; hence they can be crucial in case of an emergency. It is easy to get them up. If there is an emergency at home, you will need to wheel it out, gas it up and pull the starter cord. With all that, you will be done and ready to continue with your normal activities as before. They are also easy to maintain. They should always be tested for readiness to ensure that they are in good condition. It is advised to run the generator at least once a month to ensure that they keep working efficiently.

They Can Work With A Transfer Switch.

One can use a transfer switch with their portable generator to avoid the use of extension cords. The transfer switch will connect to the electrical panel, hence support even the hard wired appliances.

They Come In Different Sizes.

One can choose the size of the portable generator that they prefer based on the power that they need. These generators can be categorized into three; those that are less than 2000 watts, those between 2000-7000 watts and those that are more than 7000 watts.

Those that have power less than 2000 watts are usually the lightest and can be carried by hand. The ones that have between 2000 and 7000 watts vary in design. There are those that have a hand carry design or built-in design. The ones that have power more than 7000 watts are bigger, heavier, and more powerful. They usually are heavy-duty and have a protective design on them. It is important for one to know the amount of power they need to know which generator is suitable for them.

Getting a portable generator is an excellent option if one needs electricity in the home or even away from the house while doing activities such as camping. With the above points, one can see its benefits and why they should consider it as a backup power option. If you need to connect the portable generator to the wiring system of the house, it is advised for one to hire a certified technician to help them out.


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